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Full Rewards/Bonuses guide

This guide will give you a full overview of all extra rewards/bonuses that we offer on

Updated this week

Sign up case (up to $250)

The first reward on our list would be the sign up reward that a user can redeem immediately after signing up on Freecash and confirming your email address.

To do that, click the "Win up to $250!" widget at the top left of and enter a code of your choice (can be someone's referral code or our code "Free")

The prize that you may receive varies between $0.05 and $250 and will be added to your account balance.

Once you opened this sign up case, you can earn 3 more of them if you earn 1000 coins on Freecash within the next 48 hours:

Tutorial reward

This is a reward which can be earned within a few seconds!

Just start the tutorial from our earn page which takes about 15 seconds to complete and you will be rewarded another 10 coins once you went through it!

Bonus codes

These codes can be redeemed at the top right of the rewards tab - we usually share them once a week on our social media accounts and suggest that you click the button below to learn more about bonus codes in general:

You can view an example code drop here (of course, this code does not work anymore as it has been used up already from our users).

Daily Bonus Ladder

The Daily Bonus ladder allows you to either claim some bonus coins every day or risk this reward with a 50% chance of doubling it - with each time you risk your reward, it doubles until you reach the top of the bonus ladder!

The base reward increases by leveling up on Freecash - you can level up by completing offers and surveys.

Completing a +1000 coins survey gets you another free round at the bonus ladder as well!

App download & Twitter download bonus

Downloading our app via the playstore allows you to claim an extra 150 coins via the rewards tab - to do that, simply download the app, open the rewards tab from your phone and claim the 150 coins reward from there!

Additionally, you can also follow us on Twitter and claim another 50 coins that way,

Daily & Monthly Leaderboard rewards

By earning coins on Freecash, you advance in our daily and monthly leaderboard - that way, you earn even more bonus coins for free from us based on your placement in these leaderboards!

Streak rewards

Your daily streak bonus rewards you for earning at least 1000 coins each day - the bonuses increase over time unttil you reach our last streak on day 7 which grants you a bonus anywhere from 100-50,000 coins!

If you are looking for another great way to earn more coins passively, check out our affiliate system via the button below!

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