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On-Site Chat Rules

Please follow the chat rules so that everyone has a great experience on Freecash

Updated over a week ago

Our aim is to provide a platform where our users can have a pleasant experience while earning rewards. While we try to be fairly chill with the on-site chat on Freecash, there's still some rules that everyone should pay attention to! To maintain a positive atmosphere, we ask that you follow these chat rules:

  • Don't discriminate: Freecash welcomes everyone. Racism, homophobia, bigotry, xenophobia, and all forms of discrimination are strictly prohibited.

  • Cheating and scamming: Do not share methods for scamming offers, bypassing bans, or violating our Terms of Service.

  • Unfounded complaints: Avoid spreading negativity with false claims, such as "Freecash is a scam." We strive to maintain a positive environment for all users.

  • Keep it respectful: Treat all users with respect. Harassment and abuse are strictly prohibited. Please maintain a respectful tone as we do not want to give users a hostile experience in the chat

  • Don't overshare: Do not share bonus codes/referral codes in the chat. Promotion of personal websites or social media accounts is not allowed. Sharing personal information about users is strictly forbidden.

  • Keep it real: Do not share false information that can negatively impact other users

  • Keep it relevant: Refrain from posting repetitive or irrelevant messages that disrupt the chat experience.

  • Keep it clean: We don't mind swearing, but directing it towards others to cause offense isn't tolerated. Posting offensive content or explicit ASCII art is out of order

  • Keep it here: Do not attempt to lure users to Discord or social media channels for suspicious activities or to promote other sites.

By adhering to these chat rules, we can ensure our community remains a safe and enjoyable space for everyone. We appreciate your cooperation and wish you a great experience earning rewards and engaging with fellow users.

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