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My account was frozen

This article talks about some of the reasons you may have been frozen for and explains you how to get unfrozen.

Updated over a week ago

When your account is frozen, you are still able to use your account, and to complete offers & surveys. However, you are not able to withdraw any of your coins.

Your account being frozen could indicate that you violated our Terms of Service by having multiple Freecash accounts or using a VPN.

These two reasons aren't the only reason we freeze accounts. We make use of other internal indicators to freeze potentially suspicious accounts.

If your account has been frozen, you should also be able to spot a verification request in the notifications section at the top right of our website. Completing this verification will get your account unfrozen automatically in most cases.

Are you unable to find this verification request or have any further questions? Please contact our Support team and we will assist you accordingly.

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