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How does the affiliate system work?
How does the affiliate system work?
Updated over a week ago

This article explains to you how our affiliate system works.

Our affiliate system is accessible to every user here:

It allows you to share your referral link or code with any users that did not sign up on Freecash yet in order to give them a sign up gift and also allow you to earn a lifetime share of the coins that your referred users earn via offers/surveys.

In order to start earning via our referral program, create your own affiliate code via the link above (this code cannot be used by another user already).

Once you have it, there's two ways for you to generate referral sign ups under your code:

  1. Make new users register via your referral link and open their sign up case afterwards (your code will be auto-entered in there if they signed up via your link).

  2. Directly have them enter your referral code after they signed up and want to open the welcome case

After a user was linked to your referral code, you will earn a commission of the coins that they earn on Freecash via offers and surveys.

You can have an overview of the exact earn rates in the image below:

Of course, the user does not earn any less because of you getting a share of it - if you are on Tier 1 for example and get a 5% commission, you'd get an extra 50 coins on Freecash whenever a user that signed up via your referral code/link would earn 1000 coins via offers/surveys.

Misleading a user with false rewards so they sign up via your referral link or signing up via your own referral link on an alt account are strictly prohibited, misleading our users or owning more than one Freecash account can get your account(s) disabled.

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