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Why was I Banned?

We do not ban accounts for no reason

Updated this week

Our site is called Freecash, and we love to give away free cash for using our services. We naturally attract lots of legitimate users but unfortunately some users who attempt to scam the site.

In order to prevent abuse on our platform, we have sophisticated automatic systems in place as well as dedicated Fraud teams that function 24/7 to detect and prevent fraud and scams. These systems protect Freecash, our Partners and our customers.

The most common reasons for bans are:

  • Completing Offers or Surveys while connected to a VPN.

    • This counts as using the Website via fraudulent means

  • Creating Multiple accounts

    • Freecash only permits 1 account per person and only 1 account per household

  • Charged back offers

    • When the offerwalls, or games/apps themselves decide an offer has not been completed to an acceptable standard, by exploits and/or possible fraud

  • Failing Verification

    • Failure or refusal to provide requested documentation or proof of identity or eligibility is grounds for denying access to or any benefit associated with Freecash or your Account.

Please note that the above mentioned violations are just a few examples of the reasons why someone may face a ban. We value your presence as a Freecash user and want to ensure that you have a positive experience. Therefore, we kindly ask that you adhere to our ToS to avoid any potential consequences. Our full Terms of Service can be found here.

With the wide range of systems in place sometimes it's possible for some legitimate users to be flagged incorrectly. In other words, we deploy a very large net to catch as much fraud as possible and sometimes some innocent fish might get caught as false positives.

Should this happen, you can appeal the decision you can do this by:

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