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Someone in the on-site chat is misbehaving
Someone in the on-site chat is misbehaving

This is the Internet, but let's keep the on-site chat as respectful and friendly as possible

Updated this week

If you'd like a refresher on our current chat rules, please have a quick look at the article below πŸ‘‡

If you see someone in the on-site chat breaking these rules feel free to take a screenshot, save the user ID of the person in question and send both details our way.

Our support team will have this investigated and take appropriate action if needed.

For security reasons, we won't be able to update you exactly on the action we may or may not take due to security reasons usually.

We'd like to mention that we can't jump in for every little inconvenience in the on-site chat due to the high volume of users that we need to assist on a daily basis.

Afterall, this is the internet and any platform may always run into their fair share of anonymous trolls so if someone is just being annoying we'd suggest ignoring them or perhaps even hiding the chat window to simply ignore them easier as that's the best way to combat internet trolls usually.

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