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How do leaderboard rewards work?

This article teaches you everything you need to know about our amazing leaderboard rewards

Updated this week

The Freecash leaderboard is an extra reward feature to reward our most active users on a daily/monthly basis.

It grants a daily $500 payout which gets split between the 1000 most active users for that day and a monthly $5000 bonus which gets split between the most active 1000 users for the month - this results in a total monthly prize pool of $20.000 for our users!

Of course, these individual prizes aren't split up equally between 1000 users as the most active one's are receiving the largest prizes.

There is no need to manually opt into these leaderboard rewards either or hit any requirements first, any points that you earn via offers or surveys automatically get you entered into the leaderboards ranking.

Prizes are paid out in Freecash coins which can be cashed out immediately of course - the only exception to this would be if you made it on the leaderboard by completing an offer which is currently being held temporarily for security reasons, in that case, your leaderboard reward will be pending as well unless the offer completion(s) that got you onto the leaderboard get released without causing any chargebacks.

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